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Yale School of Medicine Leadership & Administration

Yale School of Medicine (YSM) is led by Dean Nancy J. Brown, MD, who is advised by deputy deans for scientific and clinical affairs; education; academic and professional development; diversity and inclusion; and finance and administration. Associate and assistant deans, along with the department chairs, help oversee the large and complex enterprise that is the medical school, which includes 1,925 ladder faculty, 1,533 students and 3,608 staff employees.

YSM Dean & Deputy Deans

Dean Brown is advised by deputy deans for academic and professional development, scientific and clinical affairs; education; diversity and inclusion, and finance and administration.

YSM Administration

YSM Administration associate deans and directors work with the dean and deputy deans to fulfill the school’s mission.

YSM Clinical and Basic Science Department Chairs

YSM clinical and basic science department chairs have responsibility for the administration of the school’s 29 academic departments.

YSM Executive Group

The Executive Group meets weekly to foster leadership conversations on a range of matters that affect YSM and its community. The group is comprised of the dean, chairs, center directors, deputy deans and other administrative leadership.

Board of Permanent Officers

The Board of Permanent Officers is the governing board of the school, entrusted with matters of educational policy and governance and responsible for recommendations to the president and provost for appointments at the associate professor, professor, clinical professor, and professor adjunct ranks.

YSM Faculty Advisory Council

The Faculty Advisory Council provides a forum for departmental faculty representatives to discuss and bring new ideas and concerns from a broad range of faculty to the dean’s office.

YSM Committees & Workgroups

A variety of committees at YSM play an important role in recruiting and promoting faculty, improving our culture and climate, and addressing specific issues that may arise.

YSM Organization Charts

YSM is one of Yale University's 13 professional schools. It is organized into 29 academic departments, 11 basic science and 18 clinical, and six institutional programs and centers.