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Robust financial aid has long been a hallmark of the Yale School of Medicine’s philosophy of education. While generous scholarships have allowed the school to consistently attract students with the greatest promise of becoming outstanding physician leaders, precipitous increases in the cost of medical education have created a new—more challenging— environment for assisting students’ financial needs.

In response to this changing landscape, YSM has announced a bold, new need-based initiative to provide debt-free education for its students. This goal is the culmination of a longstanding vision to allow students to graduate without the burden of overwhelming debt when they embark upon their careers in medicine.

The generosity of donors also helps ensure that YSM’s curriculum incorporates the latest evidence-based teaching methods to prepare its students for today’s increasingly complex challenges in the field of medicine. By contributing to the needs of Yale-educated medical students, alumni and friends demonstrate their commitment to advancing the school’s missions and improving the overall quality of health care.