Minority Organization for Retention & Expansion (MORE)

About Us

The Minority Organization for Retention and Expansion (MORE) recognizes that diversity is a critical component of a vibrant learning environment. Fostering an environment at the Yale School of Medicine that is welcoming to all is vital to successfully recruit outstanding minority faculty members. Likewise, ensuring that minority faculty, once recruited, have the resources and mentoring needed to be successful is critical for improving retention. Thus, MORE seeks to support both the recruitment and retention of minority faculty through a variety of events and venues.


MORE is invested in increasing the number of underrepresented minority faculty members at the School of Medicine. Efforts employed to achieve this outcome include:

  • Support of faculty search committees and their diversity representatives to identify and recruit minority faculty candidates to Yale.
  • Mentorship of junior faculty members by senior faculty.
  • Collaboration and outreach to minority students, resident physicians and fellows.
  • Engagement with institutional leaders involved with expanding diversity and inclusion at Yale.