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Committee on the Status of Women in Medicine (SWIM)

About Us

The Committee on the Status of Women in Medicine (SWIM) was founded in 1979 to address issues related to gender equality at the Yale School of Medicine. SWIM works to raise awareness of issues relevant to women who are faculty at the School of Medicine, and to advocate for women faculty with respect to these issues. SWIM meets regularly with the Dean to address issues and work together on ongoing initiatives critical to ensuring gender equity at the School of Medicine.

Issues that SWIM has identified as critically important to women faculty include:

  • The "climate" - building a supportive environment, both professional and social - for women at Yale
  • Increasing women in leadership roles
  • Recruitment and retention of female faculty members
  • Compensation equity

SWIM consists of the Executive Board and departmental liaisons. For more information, contact

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SWIM Calendar

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