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Ad Hoc Committees

Periodically, ad hoc committees are appointed to address a specific issue or subject at Yale School of Medicine.

Research Rank Review Committee

The YSM Research Rank Review Committee has been charged by Dean Brown to review aspects of the faculty experience in the research ranks and provide recommendations to enhance career development and advancement. The committee seeks to clarify the diverse contributions of research faculty to the school's mission and to better align appointment and promotion criteria with opportunities within the research ranks and other faculty positions.


Ex Officio

Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee is tasked with the review of compensation policies from departments and agreement on core policy aligned on certain principles.


Faculty Development Annual Questionnaire (FDAQ) Working Group

The Faculty Development Annual Questionnaire working group is tasked with designing and improving a Faculty Development Annual Questionnaire (FDAQ) focused on faculty development, goals, and career progression at Yale.


Strategic Planning Working Group for Clinical and Translational Neuroscience

The workgroup is tasked with developing an understanding of strengths in clinical and translational neuroscience research, of gaps and opportunities for further growth, and of barriers that prevent our work from having maximal impact.

The goal is to engage the group in an exciting discussion of how to advance our shared mission in the coming years: to harness our growing understanding of neuroscience for the betterment of our patients’ lives, through advances in pathophysiology, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, recovery, and public health.


  • Harris Professor in the Child Study Center; Director, Yale Developmental Disabilities Clinic; Director of Undergraduate Studies, Yale Child Study Center; Co-Director of Team Science, Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI)

  • Elizabeth Mears and House Jameson Professor of Psychiatry; Deputy Chair for Translational Research, Psychiatry; Director, Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit, Psychiatry; Director, Yale Program for Psychedelic Science, Psychiatry; Director, Yale Center for Brain and Mind Health, Yale School of Medicine; Director, Yale OCD Research Clinic, Psychiatry; Director, Neuroscience Research Training Program, Yale Department of Psychiatry

  • Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery; Executive Director of the NNCTU and Vice Chair for Clinical and Translational Research in the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery. Director, Yale Center for Brain & Mind Health.

  • Gilbert H. Glaser Professor of Neurology; Division Chief, Neurological Infections & Global Neurology; Co-Director, Yale Center for Brain & Mind Health; Affiliated Faculty, Yale Institute for Global Health