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Grant Library


Since 2021 the Office of Physician-Scientist and Scientist Development has maintained a secure library of funded grants. The Grant library is initially focused on collecting NIH grants and currently has includes career development awards, training grants, diversity supplements and research grants including R03s to R01s and P01s. While initially focused on NIH grant the grant library will be expanded to include grants from other federal agencies and foundations in the future. The collection of funded grant applications serves as a model of successful grantsmanship. Access to the library is restricted to Yale faculty, trainees and students. Trainees and students mut have permission from their mentor to have access. Access is limited to the users relevant funding mechanisms and which grant applications are accessed are tracked. For questions about the grant library or to submit a funded grant application please contact To request access to the grant library please complete the access request form.

Funding Mechanism Available Grants
K 80
R00/R01/R03/R21/R34 62
T32/R25 27
Diversity Supplements 12
NIH Loan Repayment Program 28
Other (F32, S10, P01) 10
Total 219