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Frequently Asked Questions

Can postdocs apply?


Can Yale graduate students or postdocs apply?


How do recommenders submit their letters?

The applicant will be asked to insert emails for the letter writers, and they will receive a link to upload the letter.

Is the program looking for long-term research goals or goals for the postdoc phase? Should I describe previous experience?

Please discuss how your previous experience and ongoing work shape and support your plans for independent research.

Who will read my application? Should I write for scientists across fields?

The committee will be comprised of YSM faculty across departments.

Do I need letters from Yale faculty I hope to work with?


Is funding for the fellowship separate from PI grants?

The fellow will receive an independent stipend and departmental funds dedicated to their research, and will have an option to win additional funding.

Should applicants craft a proposal with input from faculty of interest, or should the proposal include general ideas about the research I want to pursue?

Input from faculty is not required, but the statement should describe how you can fit with a YSM department(s); If you discussed your ideas with faculty members and have begun to craft a proposal, you can certainly include it.

Is there a specific format and/or level of detail you’d like to proposal to have? (outside of page limit, spacing, and font)


How many fellows will be selected for the first cohort?

We hope to recruit 4 fellows.

Any advice on how to structure my research plan?
Given the short format, you could apply 1/3 to why you (your background/expertise, etc), 1/3 to why Yale (goals for postdoc training), and 1/3 to what next (how would you combine existing and new expertise to take your independent research career in a new direction at Yale).
Should I include citations in the research statement? Should they be included in the 1 page?
You can include citations if you’d like, and they can be in addition to the one page.
Can I include supplementary materials?
No extra materials will be reviewed.
I will not graduate before next fall - should I still apply?
You can still apply, but note that there will be another round of applications next year!