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About Us

The Yale School of Medicine Black Postdoctoral Association (YBPA) addresses the unmet needs of Black postdocs and focuses on the success and well-being of Black postdocs by taking the necessary steps to generate positive experiences in academia and elsewhere.

The organization works harmoniously with the Yale Postdoctoral Association (YPA); however, extends its objectives to address issues specific to Black postdocs that are often overlooked, such as representation and visibility, resource availability and opportunities for career development, sense of community and support, and retention.


The YBPA was formed by Drs. Chrystal Starbird, Aileen Fernandez, and Brionna Davis-Reyes, three Black women in science at various levels of their postdoc experience at Yale. Together, they recognized the broken academic pipeline and were determined to address it head on. They created the YPBA with hopes to provide a special community for all postdocs, especially those who identify as Black and/or are supportive allies. The YPBA hosts special events and career development opportunities, outreach initiatives, community engagement, and provides travel awards/scholarship support for its members.

Mission Statement

To recognize the diversity of postdocs, and specifically work to promote Black postdocs where disparities levels are at its greatest: faculty and leadership, creating a supported and thriving community to promote retention of postdocs in the academic pipeline.


  1. Create a community for Black postdocs and allies across Yale campus:
    The YBPA holds monthly meetings and to two major social events during the year, to help foster community and mentorship.
  2. Increase Visibility of talented Black Postdocs:
    In discussions with Black postdocs at Yale and in national meetings, the most commonly expressed concern among this population was that they feel invisible at their respective institutions. To address this, the YBPA has designed several initiatives to increase visibility for its members.
  3. Professional mentorship and professional development:
    The YBPA creates programming and events that aim to foster the development of networks that will prove invaluable to its members as they advance through their careers.
  4. Outreach:
    The YBPA is passionate about giving back to the community and serving as role models for younger generations. We are aware that in many underserved communities, the availability of role models that mimic their experiences and backgrounds is lacking. As such, our aims are:
    • Connecting with the New Haven community
    • Establishing mentoring networks

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