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Consultation Support for Chairs & Section Chiefs

Photo by Robert A. Lisak

The OAPD Academic Professionalism and Leadership Team provides consultation support to chairs and section chiefs as they establish professionalism expectations in their departments and sections and as they address unprofessional and disruptive faculty behaviors. Examples of consultation support include:

  • Developing a strategy to address and remediate unprofessional behavior or the circumstances that prompted a professionalism concern report.

  • Supporting, directly or indirectly, the conversations to address unprofessional or disruptive conduct.

  • Fact-finding in connection with specific professionalism complaints to provide the section chief or chair with objective findings concerning the allegations.

  • Conducting climate assessments to assess the work environment within a unit to provide the section chief or chair with a confidential, thematic overview of the environment and how it is experienced.

  • Conducting 360-degree feedback reviews of individual faculty members.

  • Providing check-in, follow-up, and coaching support to individual faculty members, work units, sections and departments.

  • Sourcing vetted and matched executive leadership and coaching resources who have been oriented to Yale School of Medicine values and its shared vision of professionalism and conducting follow-up in corrective coaching engagements.