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Lisa Fucito, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Tobacco Treatment Service, Psychiatry

Contact Information

Lisa Fucito, PhD

Mailing Address

  • Psychiatry

    20 York Street, Fitkin Building

    New Haven, CT 06510

    United States

Research Summary

  • Clinical trials of behavioral and pharmacological lifestyle risk behavior/mental health interventions
  • Clinical trials and laboratory studies to evaluate effects of tobacco/nicotine products and their constituents on cigarette smoking and tobacco harm reduction
  • Daily experience sampling studies of lifestyle risk behaviors/mental health using passive smartphone sensing technology, biosensors, daily smartphone diaries
  • Qualitative and mixed methods research to inform lifestyle risk behavior/mental health intervention development
  • Secondary analyses to identify moderators and predictors of response to treatments and intervention mechanisms
  • Implementation science and dissemination research on lifestyle risk behavior/mental health screening and intervention in healthcare settings

Extensive Research Description

Current Research Projects:

Deep phenotyping of heavy drinking in young adults with behavioral scales, neuropsychological tasks, and smartphone sensing technology. PIs: Fucito (Contact), DeMartini. Funding: NIAAA R01AA030136. This 12-month observational study will evaluate the clinical heterogeneity in heavy drinking and alcohol use disorder (AUD) risk across neurofunctional domains of executive function, incentive salience, negative emotionality, sleep/circadian, and social processes in young adults. Participants will complete behavioral scales, web-based neuropsychological tasks, and smartphone daily diaries every 3 months and undergo continuous passive smartphone data collection for 12 months. The results will advance the science of young adult AUD neurobiology and identify efficient, valid assessments for distinguishing alcohol risk in this group.

Evaluating the effects of e-cigarettes vs. oral nicotine pouches and product constituents (menthol flavor, nicotine concentration) on adult cigarette smoking and addiction. Project Leads: Fucito, Bold. Funding: NIDA U54DA036151. This 4-week randomized, controlled trial will compare the effects of product type, flavor availability, and nicotine concentration on tobacco product use behavior, dependence, and appeal and explore potential interactions between conditions and participant characteristics in adults who smoke cigarettes (N=256). Our results will provide crucial evidence to the FDA about non-combustible product standards for flavor and nicotine to maximize their potential benefit on cigarette smoking and tobacco harm reduction

A photoplethysmography sensor-based personalized feedback intervention for heavy-drinking young adults targeting heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and sleep. PI: Fucito. Funding: NIAAA R21AA028886. The current proposal will conduct the first controlled test of a feedback/brief advice intervention targeting HRV, RHR, and sleep via PPG sensors and smartphone daily diaries for young adults who drinking heavily (N=60). This study will yield important preliminary data to support a larger investigation of this novel approach.


Research Interests

Alcohol Drinking; Alcoholism; Nicotine; Sleep; Technology; Exercise; Tobacco Use Cessation; Vulnerable Populations; Harm Reduction; Secondary Prevention; Tertiary Prevention; Sedentary Behavior; Mobile Applications; Tobacco Use; Sleep Hygiene; Health Risk Behaviors

Public Health Interests

Behavioral Health; Mental Health; Substance Use, Addiction

Selected Publications

Clinical Trials

ConditionsStudy Title
Addictive Behaviors; Tobacco AddictionVarenicline for treatment of e-cigarette dependence