Office for Women in Medicine

Our Mission:

To promote the academic growth of women in medicine and medical sciences.

  • Provides women students, trainees, fellows and faculty access to advisors and mentors.
  • Brings distinguished women in the medical sciences to Yale School of Medicine as role models and mentors.
  • Facilitates access for students to professional women in both a structured or an informal setting.
  • Sponsors workshops and seminars on professional development and career opportunities for women in medicine and the sciences.
  • Serves as a focus for the discussion and resolution of issues of interest to the Yale Medical School community.

Articles of Interest


Merle Waxman
Merle Waxman
2014 Publication
A Listening Ear Image

"At Yale School of Medicine, Merle Waxman is working tirelessly to support current faculty and promote the position of women in medical sciences and healthcare."

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