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Departments mentorship programs, career development workshops offered by OAPD, and other faculty resources provide faculty with guidance for career success.

It is recommended that faculty have discussions with their department chair and section/division chief (as applicable), to establish goals regarding advancement, especially if there are track-related time limits. Once the decision is made to initiate the promotion process for a faculty member, faculty affairs department teams will provide information about the related procedures, requirements, and timelines. An important date to note is January 15, the deadline for departments to submit promotion materials for YSM A&P Committee review.

A faculty member's promotion may be considered at any time during the current term, but the process must begin a year prior to the end of the term. As with appointments and reappointments, there are details that may vary from one department to another and faculty should become familiar with them. School-wide requirements that apply to everyone are spelled out by position in the Faculty Tracks, Ranks, & Positions web pages. The guiding principles are drawn from the Yale University Faculty Handbook.


The timeline for A&P processes should be kept in mind. Once a recommendation for promotion is made by the department, faculty affairs department teams will initiate the A&P process using Interfolio RPT to solicit required documents.

These documents will be reviewed by the Departmental Appointments & Promotions Committee and, by closed ballot to determine whether to solicit Letters of Evaluation. Once letters are received, faculty in the department at the rank the faculty candidate is being proposed for and higher then re-review the candidate’s information and a departmental closed ballot vote is made. Promotion portfolios supported by departmental committees are brought to appropriate YSM Appointment & Promotion Committee for review. All promotions require approval by the Board of Permanent Officers and the Yale Corporation.

Please note that the names of faculty being considered for promotion to Associate Professor with term, Associate Professor with tenure, and Professor must be submitted to OAPD by September 1 for promotions with start dates of July 1 of the following year.