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Portraits of Women Faculty in Medicine

As part of the celebration commemorating 100 Years of Women at YSM in 2018, the school commissioned photographer Robert Lisak, MFA’81, to produce a series of photographic portraits of women faculty. These portraits formed the basis for Aperture 1, the first rotating exhibit sponsored by the YSM Program for Art in Public Spaces, which opened in March 2020. Aperture 2, featuring a different set of portraits, is on display on the second floor of Sterling Hall of Medicine through August 2020.

Aperture refers to a space or gap, signifying the scarcity of women on the walls of Sterling Hall of Medicine. In photography, aperture is also the size of the opening in the lens through which light passes. Its use here represents the casting of light in the form of the public eye that in this exhibit is directed toward recognizing and celebrating women faculty in medicine, who have long been cast in the shadows.

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