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Yale Medicine Magazine

Yale Medicine Magazine was originally established in the 1950s as the medical school's alumni bulletin. Its articles cover discoveries in biomedicine, clinical advances, new ways of training tomorrow’s doctors, and the evolution of medicine and health care. The magazine has since broadened its readership to include the greater medical school and Yale University community, national and international media, individual benefactors and prospective donors, corporate and foundation officers, as well as the larger medical, educational and scientific community.

Photo essay: Metamorphosis

A series of four photoshoots—one dating to 2019; the remainder taken during the pandemic—show the contrast of life on campus.

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  • A place of pride for pathology labs

    Their expertise with procedures and tests made Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Pathology faculty indispensable to the development and rollout of reliable, safe, and effective COVID tests. A critical component to public health efforts to combat the pandemic, the tests have become a ubiquitous part of life.

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  • Lessons from COVID-19

    Although the outbreak of SARS-COVID-19 fell heavily on the world in early 2020, researchers and clinicians at Yale School of Medicine acted swiftly to respond to the threat. Some of the school’s leaders discussed lessons they learned from organizing and executing that response.

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  • No shortcut to success

    With the bulk of human science dedicated to understanding COVID-19 and designing a vaccine against it, a normally lengthy process was cut from years to months.

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  • Keeping air free of COVID

    Sanitizing air and surfaces has always been a top priority for doctors and research laboratories. Environmental Health and Safety technicians had a significant if quiet role to play behind the scenes when COVID-19 struck.

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  • Not an academic question

    Yale School of Medicine students encountered a shifting curriculum and new ways of learning as the school made changes to blunt the impact of COVID-19.

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  • A year-long homework assignment

    The pandemic changed many aspects of people’s lives, including working at home for an indefinite period of time. Students, faculty, and staff described benefits from the change, while lamenting what had been lost.

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  • Generations of medical expertise

    Christina Chia Price’s ancestors and extended family members work in health care. That network has helped her excel in her chosen field—immunology.

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