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Yale Medicine Magazine

The Yale Medicine Magazine was originally established in the 1950s as the medical school's alumni bulletin. Its articles cover discoveries in biomedicine, clinical advances, new ways of training tomorrow’s doctors, and the evolution of medicine and health care. The magazine has since broadened its readership to include the greater medical school and Yale University community, national and international media, individual benefactors and prospective donors, corporate and foundation officers, as well as the larger medical, educational and scientific community.
epilepsy representation.

Fixing dysregulated pathways

The laboratory of Angélique Bordey has made important progress in understanding neurodevelopmental disorders associated with epilepsy.

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  • Neurodegeneration representation.

    The failing brain

    Neurodegenerative conditions pose their own particular challenges to doctors. Finding ways to treat and possibly prevent neural dysfunction is a full-time job for Yale researchers.

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  • Stroke representation.

    Regenerating what cannot be replaced

    Victims of stroke and traumatic neurological injury face a difficult problem: healing requires growing new connections. Researchers are working on ways to accelerate and supercharge the mind’s ability to mend.

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  • Schizophrenia representation.

    Tracing a telltale pattern

    Schizophrenia has long been a mysterious disease, but with the help of brain scanners scientists are now giving a physical shape to the delusions and hallucinations of the disorder.

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  • Stress representation.

    Slaying the stress monster

    Illuminating the genetic and biological underpinnings of anxiety may lead to new therapies and clinical treatments, and vastly improve quality of life.

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  • Introduction representation.

    The mind/body divide

    Research associated with neuroscience has long been a strength for Yale School of Medicine. This issue explores some of the questions currently animating the field, by looking at ongoing projects.

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  • White Coats for Black Lives.

    A demonstration of solidarity

    Hundreds gathered on Friday, June 5, to demonstrate solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and express resolution to work to dismantle personal and institutional systems of racism.

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  • Dean Nancy J. Brown, MD

    Ahead of the curve

    Nancy Brown discusses what makes Yale and Yale School of Medicine’s neuroscience departments so strong, and what the future holds.

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