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Center for Medical Education

  • Mission

    The Center for Medical Education’s mission is to provide a synergized and centralized approach to educator development, professional development, assessment, and educational technology programs. This is accomplished through programs and resources that are developed and offered to the Yale community of educators throughout all departments and across undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education.
  • About the Center

    The Center for Medical Education is the home of Continuing Medical Education and Teaching & Learning at Yale School of Medicine. The Center also provides an extensive array of services in support of those who educate our students and trainees as well as an innovative and literature-based approach to medical education research, scholarship, and assessment.

Teaching & Learning Services

Our Teaching and Learning faculty and staff provide expertise and innovation in student, program, and educator assessment, learning technologies, curriculum design, and educator development.

Assessment Hub

The Center for Medical Education’s Assessment Hub consists of faculty and staff experts in assessment and evaluation. This group oversees Program, Curriculum, Educator, and Student Assessment for the Yale School of Medicine.

Educator Programs & Events

The Center for Medical Education provides a synergized and centralized approach to educator development and professional development. These programs support the Yale community educators and those engaged in medical education, research, and teaching our students and trainees.

Yale Continuing Medical Education

Our overall goal is to develop and implement creative, ethical, and evidence-based educational opportunities that are designed to increase physician competence, enhance practice performance, promote patient safety, and, where applicable, improve patient outcomes in the populations served by the health care providers we educate.

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