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Departmental A&P Narrative


Photo by Robert A. Lisak

Previously a Reasons for Appointment, Reappointment, or Promotion statement was incorporated into the Yale CV following a departmental review. With the evolution of the YSM A&P process to the Interfolio platform, this Departmental A&P Narrative should now be submitted as a separate document. This one- or two-page summary should not be developed, reviewed, or accessed by the candidate or those writing letters of evaluation.

This narrative should be written by the chair, section chief, or departmentally determined appointee. To help ensure that the topics considered by the A&P committees are discussed, please use the below format for the letters. The Departmental A&P Narrative should be placed on electronic letterhead and uploaded to Interfolio following the department’s vote.

Format (1 or 2 pages)

Faculty candidate name:

  • To be filled in.

Department (Section):

  • To be filled in.

Position (rank and track) for which candidate is proposed:

  • To be filled in.

Term start and end:

  • To be filled in.

Name of person completing form:

  • To be filled in.

General (for all candidates):

  • Overview of the candidate
  • Role they have or, if new appointment, they will be assuming
  • Highlights of impactful or innovative work.
  • Measurable outputs most relevant to track and rank, e.g., clinical productivity and quality indicators, teaching activities and ratings, presentations and publications, grants and awards.
  • Markers of established or emerging regional, national, or international reputation.
  • Samples of exemplary quotes from letters of evaluation from referees and note any comments raising questions about appropriateness of rank or track.
  • Outcome of departmental vote and, if not unanimous, possible reasons.

Citizenship/leadership/professionalism (for all candidates):

  • Activities or positions providing the strongest support for leadership and reputation within and beyond Yale.
  • Major activities reflective of institutional citizenship and commitment to values of YSM
  • Note any concerns and if consultation provided and performance improvement demonstrated.

Clinical (if applicable):

  • Area of clinical focus
  • Area of Yale School of Medicine to which they contribute
  • Any leadership roles that they have or will be filling

Educational (if applicable):

  • Teaching activities that the candidate is or will be involved in.
  • Overall summary rating of teaching scores and notable comments
  • Any supporting or concerning feedback received about teaching
  • If any concerns have been raised, whether consultation was provided and performance improvement demonstrated.

Scholarship (if applicable):

  • Area(s) of research interest
  • Evidence of research productivity, tier/impact of outlets, evidence of collaborative or team science publications, and particularly noteworthy scholarly products
  • Current and track record of research support and any areas of concern