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Faculty hiring is done by departments with involvement from the OAPD. Open positions are listed on the Office of the Provost webpage at Yale Academic Job Listings. Departments seek talent from all walks, and recognize the strength of a diverse and accomplished faculty.

Faculty offer letters include the track and rank to which a new hire will be proposed. Once a faculty member is hired, their Department Faculty Affairs Teams will help them with the steps that are spelled out under Faculty Onboarding.



The timeline for A&P processes should be kept in mind. For the departments, information about making faculty appointments is available under: Request for Faculty Positions and Faculty Search Processes. JOINING LADDER FACULTY VIDEO

Position requests

All new tenure and continuing positions require approval by the provost. The process starts with the submission a Tenure or Continuing Position "Slot" Request form by the department chair in mid-January or early September to OAPD. If a slot for the new position is approved but is not filled within 24 months, the slot expires. New senior appointments in the Clinical track do not require the submission of the Tenure or Continuing Position Request form because they are term appointments.

Position-specific considerations

Position-specific information is provided under Faculty Tracks, Ranks, & Positions, and guiding information is drawn from the Yale University Faculty Handbook.

The Clinician-Scientist, Investigator, and Traditional tracks have limits to the number of years at the assistant professor and/or associate professor ranks. In the School of Medicine and the School of Public Health, the ten-year maximum in the Traditional Track (exclusive of approved extensions as outlined in the Yale University Faculty Handbook) includes years of appointment to the ladder ranks at Yale and all years served in the ladder ranks at other institutions with the following stipulations.

  • For such faculty entering at the assistant professor rank, two years will be added to their maximum time in rank to allow for transition of their research programs.
  • For those entering at the rank of associate professor with term, one year will be added.

This rule also applies to years in rank permitted for Clinician-Scientist and Investigator track assistant associate professors.


Once all documents are collected, appointments are reviewed and voted on by Departmental A&P Committees. When indicated, appointments are then reviewed by the appropriate YSM A&P Committee. Attaining an appointment culminates with approval by the YSM Board of Permanent Officers and the Yale Corporation, the governing board and policy-making body of Yale University. New academic titles are not official until they have been approved by the Corporation.

Workday entry

Proposed new faculty can be entered into Workday as a New Recruit once an offer letter is signed, their appointment at Yale will not begin for 6 months or more, and they have never had a Yale NetID. This entry into Workday will provide a NetID which is necessary for access to systems that allow the faculty candidate and the department to prepare for the start of employment at Yale.

Information for new faculty who will begin employment at Yale within 6 months can be entered into Workday as a Medical School Recruit – (expected rank) as can faculty whose start dates take place prior to the completion of the academic appointment process, e.g. approval of the Board of Permanent Officers.

If a faculty member has already been set up as a New Recruit, then the New Recruit record should be updated to a Medical School Recruit – (expected rank) record within 6 months of the faculty member’s expected start date.

Offer Letters

When a lead candidate is identified, a draft of the offer letter must be submitted for approval by the OAPD. The letter must include:

  • A statement informing the candidate that the offer is contingent on favorable action by the Yale Corporation
  • Rank and track
  • Length of term, including beginning and end dates
  • Faculty Standards of Conduct
  • The candidate's salary
  • A description of the job responsibilities and expectations of performance

Template job offer letters from the OAPD should be used. An approved draft offer letter may be sent to the candidate when the RFP and FSQ/CFSQ have been submitted. The final offer letter can be given when both RFP and FSQ/CFSQ have been approved.