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Funding Opportunities

The Office of Student Research provides three types of stipend support for student investigators. These are:

  1. Summer Research
  2. Short Term Research
  3. One Year Medical Student Research Fellowships

All programs require a competitive application. Summer research stipends are awarded primarily to students between the first and second year. Short-term stipends are awarded for specific blocks (1 - 3 months) during the academic year when full-time research is performed. These projects are supported by a variety of organizations (NIH, private donors, and departmental and University funds).

View a list of Past Student Fellowship Awards.

Lowe Endowment Fund

We are pleased to announce the availability of limited funds from the Lowe Endowment which are available to Yale medical students. These funds can be used for two purposes:

  1. Research costs/equipment - Preference will be given to faculty/student pairs who do not have research grants or other funds to cover these expenses (some Downs fellowships where equipment is needed, humanities in medicine research projects, and certain clinical research projects). Funds will not be given if the faculty mentor holds a grant or has other funds. IMPORTANT: Medical students may apply for research costs/equipment for one research project. Medical students cannot submit a second application for research costs/equipment for the same research project.
  2. Travel to an international meeting outside the United States where the student is presenting a paper or poster.

Students can apply in one category only. There are three application cycles during the academic year with the following dates:

  • May 15th
  • September 15th
  • January 15th

The maximum that can be applied for in each category is $750. Students traveling to international meetings to present are also eligible for the usual travel allowance of one half of expenses up to $700. The faculty mentor must also indicate on the form by signature that other avenues have been explored for these expenses and are not available, including grants, Downs awards, and mentor’s funds. A full time Yale faculty member is required to approve the application.

Application to the Lowe Endowment Fund

Completed applications can be directed to