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Pamela Petersen-Crair, MS, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

I have been interested in medical student education ever since I was a first-year medical student and found myself studying students’ experiences in the anatomy lab for my master’s thesis. As a consult-liaison psychiatrist, I had the pleasure of working with medical students rotating on our service while we saw patients together on the medical floors. Working with medical students on these teams always has been a highlight—watching the students build their skills and develop their professional identities. Their enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge has been inspiring. Now I have the privilege of working with students in a different capacity as the associate clerkship director for Psychiatry, which has continued to fuel my passion for medical student education. One of the aspects I love about medicine is the long-term relationships with both colleagues and patients, so I am thrilled to work with medical students longitudinally in the coaching program as they navigate their way through medical school and find their passions in medicine.

In medical education, I have a special interest in professionalism and feedback. While away from work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two adult sons, in addition to running, gardening, hiking, and backpacking, especially in California.