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Meredithe McNamara, MD, MS, FAAP

Assistant Professor; Affiliate Faculty, Yale Institute for Global Health

I am a board-certified adolescent medicine specialist and an assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics. I provide comprehensive care to youth aged 11-25 at a federally-qualified health center and subspecialty services in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, mental health, eating disorders, sports medicine, gender diversity, and others. My research and advocacy work focuses on policies that impact adolescents’ access to healthcare and the role of scientific discourse in policy development. I co-founded the Integrity Project for Child and Adolescent Health in partnership with Yale Law School to house this work.

I am thrilled to be a coach with the YSM Longitudinal Coaching Program because I believe in the power of bi-directional mentorship – the growth and development between mentors and mentees goes both ways. As a coach, I look forward to supporting YSM students in identifying their strengths and feeling empowered to enjoy the abundance of opportunities in their career development.