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Andrés S Martin, MD, PhD

Riva Ariella Ritvo Professor in the Child Study Center and Professor of Psychiatry; Medical Director, Children's Psychiatric Inpatient Service at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital; Director, Standardized Patient Program, Teaching and Learning Center; Director of Medical Studies, Yale Child Study Center, Child Study Center

Longitudinal coaching, redefined. “Coaching” sounds to me a lot like “mentoring.” That is convenient, as I have no experience as a coach (not even for T-ball), but do have a career-long academic interest and interpersonal commitment to mentorship. I don’t exaggerate when saying that mentorship has been the favorite part of my 25-plus years at Yale. In turn, “longitudinal” sounds a lot like “development”; apt as well, given that my career as a child psychiatrist has been all about maximizing individuals' developmental potentials. How fortunate I am then, to get to work as a developmental mentor, a developmentor, a longitudinal coach. Let’s get this party started.