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Ada Fenick, MD

Professor of Pediatrics (General Pediatrics); Editor, Yale Primary Care Pediatrics Curriculum; Associate Director for Pediatrics, Medical School Clerkship in Biopsychosocial Approach to Health; Medical Student Coach, Medical Education; Medical Director, School Based Health Centers, Pediatrics; Medical Director, Medical-Legal Partnership Project

I think becoming a doctor was instilled by my parents, who, as immigrants to the US, believed that one should leave school with a real profession, and were ready to promote this in any way they could—thus I became the family band-aid placer. My pediatrician growing up was warm, friendly, and seemed kind. I was sold. I became a student at the University of Michigan—a school that, while holding a philosophy at the time different from Yale's, had a combined undergraduate-medicine program which promoted primary care as a field of practice.

I chose pediatrics because I loved the medicine of it—the biochemistry, the embryology, and the clinical side as well—and because the kids are at the beginning of their precious lives, with the possibility of making an impact. And I chose primary care because I loved the continuity with families over time.

I'm excited about the coaching program for similar reasons. I love all the different aspects of medicine, from the early basic science out to the electives that help you refine who you want to be. I love the idea of getting to know students at the earliest part of their medical careers. And I am excited about the chance for a continuous relationship with students over the years they are at Yale.

Other things I love:

  • My small patients—especially those aged 2 to 5—what a wonderful age to hang out with!
  • Family—nuclear family of two grown boys and a terrific husband—all of them wonderfully nerdy—and my extended family.
  • New Haven—my adopted city—small enough to understand, big enough to have all the things you want in a city!
  • Knitting and a few other crafts, singing, hiking, biking, and reading fiction in my off time.