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Summer renovations! Harkness Gym, Harkness Mezzanine, Historical Library & Morse Reading Room

June 21, 2023

We are very excited to announce the start of phase 1 of renovations!

The renovations of the Harkness Gym and the Harkness Mezzanine level (where the old pool table sits) will begin on June 26. It is anticipated that the renovations will take approximately 10 weeks, with an expected completion date of September 1, 2023. Additionally, the CWML’s Historical Library and Morse Reading Room are being renovated, also starting June 26, and are expected to reopen in August.

Phase 2 of the renovations will include: new recreation space, new student space in Café Med, additional improvements to Harkness Gym, and renovation of Spinelli Lounge. Stay tuned for more details!

Phase 1 Scope of work (Construction in Summer 2023):

Harkness Gym

Harkness Gym is undergoing removal of extraneous half walls, relocation of storage areas, and improvements to the air circulation. Older and infrequently used exercise equipment is being removed and replaced with new items requested by students, with a reorganization of the exercise equipment layout to improve functionality and use of space. New sports flooring is being installed with fitness zones identified by colors with student input. New security screens are being installed at the perimeter windows for improved quality of natural light, and new lighting and finishes are being installed throughout. The locker rooms are receiving a deep cleaning with new plumbing fixtures installed at the showers and sinks. And more is planned to come in phase 2, stay tuned!

Harkness Mezzanine

The existing mezzanine that overlooks the Café Med dining room is being converted from a poorly functioning pool table/recreation space, to a more private student lounge, relaxation, and study area with new furniture, finishes, and lighting. Construction for a new student recreation area with a pool table and ping pong table will begin in phase 2, on the dining room level in a currently-hidden, unused space behind Café Med’s kitchen!

CWML Historical Library and Morse Reading Room 

The renovations will include new power distribution for floor outlets in order to eliminate the numerous power strips used to bring outlets from the perimeter walls to the worktables. Lighting is being upgraded in the Morse Reading Room in order to reduce the outages of fixtures that have become common. New or refurbished tables will be provided with outlets for charging included in the work surface, as well as fixed table lamps for task lighting. New carpeting and paint throughout the Morse Reading Room and new area rugs in the Historical Library will serve to improve the acoustics of both rooms.

Capital maintenance improvements are included in the renovations to stop water intrusion at the windows and an area of the roof that has started to leak. The existing windowsills are being repaired and the HVAC adjusted to address heating/cooling issues at the perimeter of the rooms. The railings on the existing stairway and around the second floor of the Morse Reading Room are being increased in height. New worktables are being provided to replace old wooden carrels in the study alcoves around both floors of the Reading Room.

Submitted by Abigail Roth on June 21, 2023