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What Are The Clinical Clerkship and Elective Experience at Yale?

March 22, 2023
  • 00:09sub internships for students to choose from.
  • 00:11Many of them are four weeks long
  • 00:13and some are two weeks long So it
  • 00:16gives students a lot of flexibility.
  • 00:18And your clerkship year is
  • 00:19a whole year you spend in the
  • 00:21hospital rotating through all
  • 00:23of the different specialties,
  • 00:24surgery, internal medicine,
  • 00:25psychiatry, family medicine.
  • 00:26You do everything, and the whole
  • 00:28point is to give you a little tidbit.
  • 00:31To decide what you want to do in residency.
  • 00:35We have a number of elective
  • 00:37and sub internships which are
  • 00:39rather unique such as an interventional
  • 00:42radiology elective psychiatry
  • 00:44elective in which students go with
  • 00:46a mentor into a community and work
  • 00:48with patients in their homes.
  • 00:50So we have built these electives which
  • 00:53have a very wide range of purposes,
  • 00:56but also access to a very wide range
  • 00:59of patients and social situations.
  • 01:02So the clerkship experience for
  • 01:03me is one of the most gratifying,
  • 01:05definitely one of the most enjoyable
  • 01:07experiences of the entire time here.
  • 01:09Being a Med student,
  • 01:09you begin to apply a lot of the information
  • 01:12you learned during the preclinical
  • 01:13curriculum to the actual patients.
  • 01:15And you know, that's why we
  • 01:16went to medical school.
  • 01:17That's why we wanted to pursue this career.