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Marc Hammarlund, PhD

Professor of Genetics and of Neuroscience; Director of Graduate Studies, Genetics

Research Summary

Our current research focuses on the following fundamental questions:

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  • How do neurons respond to injury, disease, and age?
  • How do neurons and neuronal circuits develop and maintain normal function over time?
  • How can we control neuronal homeostasis, plasticity, and repair at the molecular level?

Answering these questions will provide fundamental insights into the cellular and circuit mechanisms that attempt to maintain neuronal function over time. We hypothesize that these molecular mechanisms also control susceptibility to cognitive decline and neurological disease. We study these questions in the model organism C. elegans. Because C. elegans is transparent and has a relatively simple nervous system, we can manipulate and observe individual neurons in intact, living animals.

Specialized Terms: Axon regeneration and degeneration; Neuronal plasticity; Aging; C. elegans

Extensive Research Description

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Research Interests

Axons; Cell Biology; Nerve Regeneration; Gene Expression; Caenorhabditis elegans

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Selected Publications