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Yale Biological and Biomedical Sciences

The gateway to a Ph.D. in the biosciences at Yale

The Yale Combined Program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS) is the admissions gateway to a Ph.D. in almost all bioscience disciplines* at Yale. Upon admission, you will spend your first year of training within BBS and then transition to a degree-granting program for your second year and beyond. BBS and the affiliated Ph.D. programs are part of the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and span the entire university campus including the main campus, Yale School of Medicine, and West Campus. As a BBS student you will have access to courses, seminars, and faculty labs on all 3 campuses.

Within BBS you will receive a thorough, interdisciplinary, cutting edge education, and you will develop career skills necessary to excel in academia, industry, business, and the many other exciting career paths our graduates pursue.

Please explore our website for more information about becoming a BBS student. Also download our Graduate School's 2023-2024 viewbook for a summary of graduate life at Yale.

*Students in the BBS Program are eligible for Ph.D.s from the following programs: Cell Biology / Cellular & Molecular Physiology / Computational Biology & Biomedical Informatics / Experimental Pathology / Genetics / Immunobiology / Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program / Microbiology / Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry / Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology / Pharmacology / Translational Biomedicine. Please visit our Graduate School of Arts & Sciences website to learn about other doctoral programs at Yale.

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