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Welcome to Yale Stem Cell Center!

The mission of the Yale Stem Cell Center is to advance our understanding of stem cell biology and to harness its potential to improve human health.

Our goals:
  • Enrich basic understanding of stem and progenitor cells.
  • Establish interdisciplinary, collaborations to develop stem cell therapies, and translate discoveries to clinical trials.
  • Address ethical and policy issues.
  • Foster understanding and awareness of stem cell biology to the public.

Registration is Open for StemCONN 2020, March 24, 2020 at the Omni Hotel in Downtown New Haven. 

StemConn is Connecticut's premier conference on stem cell and regenerative medicine research. See the StemConn website for program, speaker list and registration (special early bird rates available).

Announcing the Recipients of the Lo Graduate Fellowship

The Stem Cell Center is proud to announce the recipients of Yale Stem Cell Center’s most prestigious graduate award, the Lo Graduate Fellowship:

  • Anna Baccei
  • Bomiao Hu
  • Benjamin Patterson