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Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics, and Development

The mission of the Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics and Development Track is to educate and train students to make paradigm-shifting discoveries in a diverse range of disciplines, including molecular biology, cell biology, genomics and quantitative biology, stem cells and developmental biology, cancer biology, and human disease modeling. Our program emphasizes interdisciplinary training and collaborative research using cutting-edge molecular technologies and experimental systems to address fundamental and innovative biological questions using a range of approaches, from super-resolution imaging to genomic and proteomic analyses. With over 150 faculty participating as trainers in our program, this Track provides a breadth of options to explore, while also creating a challenging intellectual environment that encourages students to take innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to the study of fundamental questions in biology.

Our newly revised curriculum empowers students by providing individual guidance in an intimate environment alongside vast opportunities for training in all aspects of scientific research. We develop students to be independent, imaginative and careful scientists, preparing our graduates to be the next generation of molecular cell biologists, geneticists, and developmental biologists in a broad array of science-related careers.

The MCGD track has been extremely supportive during my first year at Yale. The number of resources for graduate students within MCGD and the BBS program has been overwhelming! I love how the faculty genuinely care and offer their assistance as we navigate courses, rotations, creating a healthy work-life balance, and choosing our thesis advisors. In addition to MCGD having phenomenal administrative staff, the faculty are determined to provide a strong foundation in molecular cell biology and genetics by introducing us to the latest research and techniques in our core courses. I am excited to continue my graduate studies here at Yale and feel confident the administration, faculty, and my peers will continue to guide me through my PhD journey.

JoAnne Villagrana