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Elizabeth Goldfarb, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology; Director, Cognitive Neuroscience of Affect, Memories and Stress (CAMS) Lab, Psychiatry

Contact Information

Elizabeth Goldfarb, PhD

Research Summary

Our lab studies why we remember certain parts of our experiences, how stress and affect influence these memories, and how what we remember guides our behavior. Our interdisciplinary research integrates the cognitive neuroscience of memory with translational stress neurobiology. We leverage techniques including novel behavioral tasks, neuroendocrine assays, psychophysiology, advanced functional neuroimaging (fMRI), machine learning, computational modeling, clinical populations, and real-world behavioral monitoring to understand these processes in everyday life and neuropsychiatric disorders.


Research Interests

Alcohol Drinking; Association Learning; Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms; Emotions; Glucocorticoids; Habits; Stress, Physiological; Stress, Psychological; Substance-Related Disorders; Memory, Long-Term; Functional Neuroimaging; Memory, Episodic

Selected Publications

Clinical Trials