The five companies financed in 2009

Kolltan Pharmaceuticals
Kolltan, which has secured over $35 million in financing, is developing monoclonal antibodies against various cancers and hopes to move these antibodies into clinical trials.
Joseph Schlessinger, Ph.D., chair and William H. Prusoff Professor of Pharmacology

Advanced Orthopedic Technologies
The company develops a series of implants and regenerative products for cartilage defect repair and joint fusion.
John S. Reach Jr., M.D., assistant professor of orthopaedics and rehabilitation

The company is developing and marketing technology that provides real-time, noninvasive blood volume monitoring.
Kirk H. Shelley, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of anesthesiology
David G. Silverman, M.D., professor of anesthesiology

Yale Cancer Center researchers have pioneered a diagnostic test to identify individuals predisposed to lung, ovarian, and other cancers by examining genetic biomarkers.
Frank Slack, Ph.D., associate professor of molecular, cellular and developmental biology in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Joanne B. Weidhaas, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of therapeutic radiology

Oasys Water
The company is commercializing a technology that employs osmosis to produce fresh water from sea water or industrial waste water and uses 90 percent less energy than conventional desalination systems.
Rob McGinnis, a doctoral student in environmental engineering in the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science, and his advisor;
Menachem Elimelech, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Roberto Goizueta Professor of Environmental and Chemical Engineering