Class of 1970: 40th reunion

The celebration began on Friday evening with a barbecue hosted by John Blanton and his wife Beth Balschi at their home in Guilford, and ended the next day with dinner at the ZINC Restaurant. Those attending included Norm Coleman and his wife, Karolynn, who also recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Norm is presently the associate director of the radiation research program at the National Cancer Institute as well as the senior medical advisor to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the Office of Health and Human Services. Jonathan Ecker and his wife, Roseanne, came down from Syracuse, where he is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Upstate Medical University. Harvey Fernbach continues in the full-time practice of psychiatry in the D.C. area and remains very active in the field of social justice. His wife, Ann Birk, was also celebrating her college reunion at Wellesley. Tom Gouge and his wife, Joanne, traveled up from New York where Tom is a professor and associate chair for education in the department of surgery at New York University. He has maintained undiminished his commitment to sailing during his leisure hours. John Katz and his wife, Susan, remain at Yale where he is a clinical professor of anesthesiology. Rick Edelson and his wife, Ruth, also remain in Connecticut. Rick is now in his 25th year as chair of the department of dermatology at Yale (a remarkable record by any accounts) and has served as cancer center director and deputy dean for clinical affairs. Lynn Whisnant Reiser also remains at Yale where she is a clinical professor of psychiatry as does Leonard Milstone, who is a professor emeritus and a senior research scientist in dermatology. His wife, Ellen Milstone (Class of ’69), is in the private practice of dermatology. Elissa Arons traveled from West Newton, Mass., where she practices psychiatry, and Bob Stern also came in from the Boston area, where he is a clinical professor of dermatology at the Harvard Medical School and on the staff of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Anne Weissman Lucky and her husband, Paul Lucky (Class of ’72), both practice dermatology in Cincinnati. Scott Peterson has a private dermatology practice in the Waterbury area but manages to travel as much as possible during the winter months. Robert Epstein traveled from Berkeley, Calif., where he practices pediatric and adolescent medicine, and Meg DeLano came in from Burlingame, Calif., where she practices pediatrics and allergy and immunology. Geoff Kane remains in the practice of addiction medicine and internal medicine in Bedford, New Hampshire. Mark Korsten and his wife, Susan, are in New York where Mark practices gastroeneterology and is director of the residency training program in internal medicine for the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in the Bronx. Joellen Werne remains in private practice and is now an adjunct clinical professor, emerita, of psychiatry at Stanford. Dennis Shield practices urology at Stanford, while Phil Steeves is the associate chair of radiology at the Winchester Hospital in Winchester, Mass. Phil continues to fly his own plane, finished his military career with the air force as a full colonel, and is on the staff of Massachusetts General Hospital and the Harvard faculty. Jim Missett is in the private practice of psychiatry in Menlo Park, Calif., and has painstakingly created a remarkable CD of the current biographies of the members of our class that provides much more in-depth information as well as occasional pictures. Finally, Anne Curtis remains on the faculty at Yale as a professor of radiology and chief of thoracic radiology, while Bob Rosa remains at Northwestern in Chicago, where he is dean for regulatory affairs, professor of medicine, and interim chief of nephrology.

—Robert Rosa

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