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Yury M. Morozov, PhD

Research Scientist in Neuroscience

Research Summary

My current research is focused on the development of cerebral interneurons. I determined site and timing of origin and migratory routes of prospective cannabinoid type 1 receptor containing interneurons. I demonstrated that neurochemical properties and fate of this interneuronal subgroup, similar to the projection neurons, are determined at the time and place of last cell division (Cerebral Cortex, 2009). I demonstrated for the first time translocation of synaptically interconnected basket interneurons in the postnatal rat hippocampus what may occur in response to local functional demand and represents a novel mode of cell movement and form of neuroplasticity (J. Neurosci., 2006).


Research Interests

Central Nervous System; Neurodegenerative Diseases

Research Images

Selected Publications