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Megan C. King, PhD

Associate Professor of Cell Biology and of Molecular, Cellular and Development Biology; Co-Leader, Radiobiology and Genome Integrity, Yale Cancer Center; Associate Cancer Center Director, Basic Science

Contact Information

Megan C. King, PhD

Lab Location

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Research Summary

Our laboratory is interested in the fundamental mechanisms that control nuclear mechanics, dynamics, and quality control.

Major efforts in our group include:

  1. Developing a quantitative model for the mechanical response of the nucleus.
  2. Investigating how nuclear compartments and local chromatin state influence genome integrity mechanisms.
  3. Defining how the genome is organized over time in single cells.
  4. Defining contexts in which direct mechanotransduction of force through the LINC complex regulates cell function and homeostasis.

Specialized Terms: Nucleus; Nuclear envelope; DNA repair; Cellular mechanics; Genome organization

Extensive Research Description

One major focus is on macromolecular complexes embedded in the nuclear envelope physically couple the cytoskeleton to the nucleus (LINC complexes). We seek to define the fundamental mechanisms underlying the nuclear force response and the contexts in which direct force transduction to the nuclear lamina impacts cell function using fission yeast, cell culture and mouse models.

We also have a major effort in defining how the genome is organized, taking advantage of insights from chromatin dynamics. Using live cell assays that we have developed, we also investigate how nuclear cell biology impinges on genome integrity.


Research Interests

Cell Nucleus; Chromatin; Cell Biology; DNA Repair; Nuclear Envelope; Genome; Mechanotransduction, Cellular; Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome

Selected Publications