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Antonio Giraldez, PhD

Fergus F. Wallace Professor of Genetics; Chair, Genetics

Contact Information

Antonio Giraldez, PhD

Research Summary

In our laboratory we investigate the gene regulatory code that shapes vertebrate embryonic development using zebrafish, mouse and human as a model system. We combine genomics, genetics, embryology, imaging machine learning and computational biology to address a central question in biology: how does a fertilized egg develop into a complex multicellular embryo. This process requires a precise spatial and temporal regulation of gene expression. We are primarily focus on understanding i) the mechanisms that activate the genome after fertilization, ii) the post-transcriptional regulatory code that shapes mRNA stability and translation across vertebrates using the maternal to zygotic transition as a model, and iii) the gene regulatory code that specifies different cell types during embryogenesis. Our research is focusing in four main areas: Mechanisms of Genome activation, mechanisms of post-transcriptional regulation, computational modeling of gene expression and animal models to understand autism.


Research Interests

Microscopy; Developmental Biology; Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental; Computational Biology; Genomics; Systems Biology; Autism Spectrum Disorder; RNA Recognition Motif

Public Health Interests

Child/Adolescent Health

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