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Alan Anticevic, PhD

Glenn H. Greenberg Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Professor of Psychology; Director, Division of Neurocognition, Neurocomputation, and Neurogenetics (N3), Psychiatry

Extensive Research Description

Our group's research focus is centered on computational and cognitive neuroscience of mental illness. Specifically, we study at the neural system level mechanisms involved in higher order cognitive operations, such as working memory, as well as their interaction with neural systems involved in affective processes, with the aim of understanding how these computations may go awry in the context of severe mental illness. Methodologically, we use use a combination of tools, such as task-based, resting-state, pharmacological multi-modal neuroimaging, as well as computational modeling approaches to map neural alterations that lead to poor mental health outcomes. The combination of these tools informs a quantitative and personalized 'Computational Psychiatry' framework for development of neuro-behavioral markers that can explicitly inform treatment. The overarching goal of the group is to develop neurobiologically principled and computationally grounded mapping between neural and behavioral levels of analyses in people to inform personalized and rational treatment design for mental health symptoms.

Specific Research Areas

  • Pharmacological Neuroimaging & Computational Modeling
  • Cognition-Affective Computations in Mental Illness
  • Mapping Neuro-behavioral Variation to Inform Mental Health Treatments
  • Computational Informatics Architectures for Multi-modal Imaging


Research Interests

Affect; Mental Disorders; Cognition; Diagnosis, Computer-Assisted; Emotions; Memory, Short-Term; Schizophrenia; Computational Biology; Substance-Related Disorders; Neuroimaging

Public Health Interests

Bioinformatics; Biomarkers; Clinical Trials; Mental Health; Modeling; Substance Use, Addiction

Selected Publications

Clinical Trials

ConditionsStudy Title
Mental Health & Behavioral ResearchBrain Network Changes Accompanying and Predicting Responses to Pharmacotherapy in OCD
Diseases of the Nervous System; Mental Health & Behavioral ResearchTeen Brain and Behavior Study
Diseases of the Nervous System; Mental Health & Behavioral ResearchExamination of Glutamate and mGluR5 in Psychiatric Disorders
Diseases of the Nervous System; Mental Health & Behavioral ResearchBiomarkers of Clinical Subtype and Treatment Response in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder