Billing Information

Medical Research Billing Compliance acknowledges the School's efforts to achieve correct coding and adequate documentation and to ensure that all aspects of medical billing and collections are handled in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Using EPIC Electronic Health Records for Research

Departments conducting human research studies in which services will be documented and/or billed through the EPIC electronic health record may provide sponsors with the following documents:

Qualifying Trials

Determine if a clinical trial meets Medicare's qualifying criteria and examine the criteria for determination of routine costs of a qualifying trial (not applicable to device trials).

More Information Regarding Billing

HCFA on Billing Research Studies

Click here for clarification on the billing of medical services for patients in research studies

IND or IND-Exempt

Click here for information on IND exemptions for studies of lawfully marketed drugs and biological products for the treatment of cancer

Medical Billing Compliance for Clinical Services Policy

Medical Billing Compliance for Clinical Services provided to subjects who participate in clinical trials and other research studies.