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Kaya Bilguvar, MD, PhD

Associate Professor Adjunct

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Kaya Bilguvar, MD, PhD

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My major research interests include the identification of genetic bases of human diseases affecting the structure and function of the nervous system, and elucidation of underlying disrupted biological processes using multi-omic approaches and patient-derived 2D and 3D induced neuronal systems with a special focus on cerebral cortical malformations, schizophrenia, early-onset neurodegenerative syndromes and migraine. I also work on developing high-throughput omics approaches for early detection and profiling of brain tumors.


Research Interests

Cerebrovascular Disorders; Migraine Disorders; Schizophrenia, Childhood; Neurodegenerative Diseases; Genomics; Malformations of Cortical Development; Circulating Tumor DNA; Human Genetics; Genomic Medicine; Multiomics

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Child Development & Autism; Diseases of the Nervous System; Genetics - Adult; Genetics - Pediatric; Mental Health & Behavioral ResearchGenetic and molecular studies of developmental neuropsychiatric disorders