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Research Ranks

The research ranks are faculty positions for those who are advancing science within a laboratory or research group at Yale School of Medicine.
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Research rank faculty hold a PhD, MD, or equivalent degree. There are three categories of research ranks: associate research scientist, research scientist, and senior research scientist.

Teaching is not required for these ranks. Persons who are asked to undertake teaching should also be given a teaching appointment as a lecturer. In such circumstances, an appropriate portion of the salary may be paid from a teaching budget; however, for research appointees who are already employed full-time, the total compensation cannot be increased by payment for teaching.

Associate Research Scientist


This appointment is given to individuals who are engaged in scholarly research in association with a faculty member or as a member of a research group. Such individuals will normally have at least two years of research experience following a PhD (or equivalent), will have demonstrated professional ability in fields related to the work or program of the department or area concerned, and will be expected to contribute to it as a colleague.


Terms for this rank are for one year and renewable without limit.

Appointment to the associate research scientist rank does NOT require an RFP, search, letters of reference, formal review by department faculty, presentation to a YSM A&P committee, the BPO, or the Yale Corporation. Fringe benefits may vary according to the source of salary. Research appointees who are paid from grants should be informed by the principal investigator of any change in the status of the grant as soon as possible after the information becomes available.

Appointment to this rank requires:

Reappointment information is summarized on a different webpage, and reappointment to this rank requires: