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Class of 1986: 25th reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2011 - Spring


The Class of ’91 celebrated its 20th reunion with a dinner at Mory’s near the Yale campus. We had a terrific time reminiscing about our days in Harkness and freakishly remembering most of the words from the songs from the second-year show. Larry Hirsch is back at Harkness, literally. He has just started as the chief of the epilepsy/EEG division at Yale, and has a temporary office in Harkness. His wife, Gaetane Francis, is a gynecologist in Greenwich and they have two boys who are 8 and 11. Rick Ihnat came from St Louis, where he is an internist. He loves cycling and rock climbing, and spends lots of time with his three girls. Marc Butler and his partner Christopher Yulo joined us from Boston, where Marc works as both physician and scientist at Dana Farber. Peter Marcus and his wife and four children have recently moved back to Connecticut. He is the director of gynecology and his wife is the residency program director at Bridgeport Hospital. Peter Bernstein is professor of ob/gyn and women’s health and director of the maternal fetal medicine program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He loves his job and is about to launch his oldest son to college in the fall. He and his wife Cathleen Barnhart have two other children in high school. Marc Potenza is professor of psychiatry, child study and neurobiology at Yale. He is an addiction psychiatrist and has two children. John Phillips and Kate brought their three children, the oldest of whom (we all remember him when he was a baby!) is at George Washington. John is a urologist, and their family lives in John’s childhood home in Sleepy Hollow. Ann Smith Denehy brought her two beautiful children and husband. Ann is a diagnostic radiologist and is married to a gyn-oncologist. A few months ago, I ran into Ann in the lobby of the hotel at our annual gyn-oncology meeting. So happy that she is married to a fellow gyn-onc! Carl Henninson is a hematologist-oncologist in practice in New Jersey. He has a boat and a Jet Ski and is inviting all of us to the Eastern shore. He sees Mindy Wiser intermittently and reports that she is as energetic and wonderful as ever, with kids and a career in ob/gyn. Eleanor Pollak is a clinical pathologist at UPenn and is married to a Dupont chemist who loves to cook. Also in Philly is Jane Minturn, who is a pediatric neuro-oncologist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She’s married to an internist and has two stepchildren. Liz Roth is an internist at Mass General in Boston. She is married to Albert Lafarge, an independent literary agent, and has a stepson, age 10, and a daughter, age 4. Liz loves work but really loves her identity as “Claire’s mom!” Wendy Grant is a rheumatologist with an orthopaedic group in Durango, Col. She and her husband have two kids and three dogs. Liz Holt is an endocrinologist at Yale. I am nominating her for class historian. She remembers more funny stories about our days at Yale, more lyrics from the second-year show, and more quirky professors than all of us combined! I flew in for the dinner, sorry that I couldn’t bring my husband Charlie, or our three kids, who are starting 12th grade, eighth grade, and kindergarten this year. It was my first reunion back and I was so happy to spend time with you all. We send our love to all of you, and especially our fearless leader Frank Lobo, whom we missed terribly. Let’s plan to reconnect in five years for our 25th. I know I’ll be there!

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