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Class of 1976: 35th reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2011 - Spring


The Class of ’76 gathered at the home of Richard and Maria Kayne in Woodbridge. Many thanks for their “evening in Manila” hospitality—we hear the conversation went way past midnight and a good time was had by all! The following notes were collected from the attendees: Sarah Auchincloss is happily practicing cancer and crisis psychiatry in nyc. Her daughter has graduated from college and has her first job (!) and her son has finished freshman year and is still interested in medicine (!). “I am looking forward to a fascinating second career which I haven’t dreamed up yet, and a little more free time which I hope comes soon!” Alfredo Axtmayer says “transitioning orthopaedic surgery practice to New Haven in the past five years is like coming back home! Still enjoy what I do best—putting people back together and improving their function and independence.” He has been married to Patricia for 32 years, and they have four children. Alan Bloch reported that, after 25 years as a medical epidemiologist at CDC in Atlanta, he is enjoying being retired and traveling. Sharon Bonney is enjoying retirement after 20+ years of research in the pharmaceutical industry. She is volunteering for Yale and pursuing her passions for study and imagination. Pauline Chao is practicing medicine and living in Dedham, Mass. Florence Comite has been transitioning to New York City over the past three years, practicing age management medicine to prevent disease. Her men’s health book will be published in 2012 by Rodale. Both sons are thriving and living in New York, too: Jonathan is an ent resident at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary and Michael is a lawyer, soon joining Cravath. Candace Corson practiced integrative medicine/family medicine for 20 years. For the past 10 years, she has been a nutraceutical business owner, professional health educator, and a national marketing director with Juice Plus+ (a whole food nutritional concentrate). She is married to George Knowles, M.D. ’75 and has four sons. Vincent DiCola is in private practice in interventional cardiology, and the proud parent of Stanford and Harvard graduates. Todd Estroff is in Atlanta, board certified in psychiatric medicine, child psychiatry, and addiction psychiatry, specializing in chronic pain management “and fine wines.” Rich Kayne is enjoying patient care after 30 years in private solo endocrine practice. “Best is being a grandparent.” He has been married to Maria since the first year of medical school. “For the past 10 years, I have been delightfully engaged as a board member for Paul Newman’s The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for children with life-threatening diseases.” Carol Lee loves working at Sloan Kettering and living in New York. Sid Mandelbaum is married to Diane Oshin with two sons, David, 18, who will be a Yale College freshman this year, and Jared, 15. Sid is in private practice in ophthalmology in New York City. Cindy Mann is practicing pediatrics and “loving it, and thinking about my next profession in global health.” Her 19-year-old son does music production and her 23-year-old daughter is singing opera. Frederick Morin is dean of the University of Vermont College of Medicine. He says “I have been very fortunate. I am married to my girlfriend, Tracy, from medical school. I have three kids who are each unique. An artist, a skier/kayaker, and one still working on college. I had a career as a neonatologist, a researcher, and now a dean. We are at UVM where I try to stay in shape.” Susan Ryu was delighted to see so many at the reunion. She has been in clinical practice of ophthalmology, with subspecialty of cataract/glaucoma for the past 30 years at Palo Alto Medical Clinic. “Still enjoying work!” She has been married to Michael Gaynon, a fellow ophthalmologist for the past 31 years. Their daughters are 26 and 27 years old. “I am grateful for everything!” Peter Swanson has been in the same private care practice with the same three partners in Shelton, Conn., since 1979. “Very happy.” Charlie Swenson: half-time associate professor of psychiatry, at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, half-time private practice in psychiatry. John Wiles is a dermatologist practicing in New London, Conn. He plans to retire at the end of August and stay in New London, with his wife, Joan. His son, Christopher, wants to go to medical school in 2012.

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