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Medical Students


The educational mission of the Department of Emergency Medicine is to educate future leaders and scholars who will advance the practice of emergency medicine.

Medical Student Education

The Yale Emergency Medicine Clerkship is a three-week rotation focusing on the diagnosis and stabilization of emergency conditions. Students participate in weekly simulation, clinical reasoning conference, and residency didactics. Our faculty has been recognized for outstanding teaching on multiple occasions, including Dr. Leigh Evans, Director of Medical Simulation, who received the Bohmfalk Prize for clinical teaching, and Dr. Karen Jubanyik who received the Francis Gilmore Blake award for outstanding teaching in the clinical sciences.

Visiting Students

The Yale University Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) welcomes visiting students to participate in a four-week emergency medicine sub-internship. Yale uses the VSAS system for accepting applications from students interested in visiting rotations. In addition, please contact Dr. Jessica Bod if you require more information about the rotation or contact Lorraine Roseman for administrative concerns.

We offer an Emergency Medicine Bedside Ultrasound Elective for visiting students. It can be either two weeks or four weeks in length. Please contact Dr. Rachel Liu for more information.

Visiting Student Scholarship to Enhance Healthcare Workforce Diversity

The Yale Emergency Medicine Residency Program strives for excellence in all areas. In order to enhance healthcare workforce diversity, Emergency Medicine offers a scholarship of $1,500 to eligible students accepted for a Sub-Internship at the Yale Emergency Medicine Program.

If interested, here are the three steps to apply for the scholarship:

  1. Submit your VSAS application
  2. Review eligibility to confirm you are eligible and then submit Yale’s Visiting Student Scholarship Program Application
  3. Email Lisa Courtney, EM Residency Program Coordinator ( including:
    1. Confirmation that you have submitted your VSAS application to the Yale School of Medicine, Emergency Medicine Elective (please specify which electives applied to)
    2. A copy of your curriculum vitae
    3. Statement explaining your interests in leadership and academics at the time of your VSAS submission