Slav Bagriantsev, PhD

Associate Professor of Cellular & Molecular Physiology

Research Departments & Organizations

Cellular & Molecular Physiology

Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program

Research Interests

Anseriformes; Biochemistry; Biophysics; Ducks; Electrophysiology; Ion Channels; Mechanoreceptors; Neurosciences; Pacinian Corpuscles; Potassium Channels; Sensory Receptor Cells; Thermoreceptors; Transient Receptor Potential Channels; Trigeminal Ganglion; Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels

Research Summary

Our laboratory uses a multidisciplinary approach to study the molecular basis of sensory physiology, with a focus on mechano- and temperature-sensitivity. We apply electrophysiology, molecular biology and biochemistry to understand the molecular basis of the sense of touch and temperature.

Specialized Terms: Neuroscience, Sensory Physiology, Mechanoreceptors, Thermoreceptors, Electrophysiology, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Ion channels, Tactile Specialists, Ducks.

Selected Publications

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Slav Bagriantsev, PhD
Lab Location
Sterling Hall of Medicine, B-Wing
333 Cedar Street, Ste Room 133

New Haven, CT 06510
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Sterling Hall of Medicine, B-Wing
333 Cedar Street, Ste Room 142

New Haven, CT 06510
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Cellular & Molecular PhysiologySterling Hall of Medicine, B-Wing
333 Cedar St

New Haven, CT 06510

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