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Shannon Whirledge, PhD, MSc

Associate Professor Term; Associate Professor, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences; Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences

Contact Information

Shannon Whirledge, PhD, MSc

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Research Summary

The Whirledge lab seeks to discover the mechanisms by which stress regulates fertility. Glucocorticoids are primary stress hormones with potent immune-modulating functions. For this reason, stress and inflammation are intimately linked. The immune system plays an important role in all stages of pregnancy, including endometrial receptivity, implantation, and fetal tolerance. It is not currently well understood the pathways by which stress signaling impacts the ability to get pregnant or pregnancy outcomes. Her research is concentrated in three areas:

  1. Understanding the basic processes of reproduction governed by glucocorticoid signaling
  2. Investigating the cross-talk between the glucocorticoid receptor and estrogen and progesterone receptors
  3. Examining the influence of environmental agents on glucocorticoid signaling in the female reproductive tract


Research Interests

Endocrinology; Infertility, Female; Leiomyoma; Molecular Biology; Pregnancy Complications; Uterus; Reproductive Medicine; Endocrine Disruptors

Selected Publications