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Jason L. Schwartz, PhD

Associate Professor of Public Health (Health Policy); Associate Professor in the History of Medicine, and Associate Professor in the Institution for Social and Policy Studies; Affiliated Faculty, Yale Institute for Global Health

Contact Information

Jason L. Schwartz, PhD

Office Location

Mailing Addresses

  • Yale School of Public Health

    60 College Street, PO Box 208034

    New Haven, CT 06520-8034

    United States

  • Yale School of Public Health

    60 College Street, Room 312

    New Haven, CT 06510

    United States

Research Summary

Dr. Schwartz's research on public health policy, history, and ethics focuses on vaccines and vaccination programs, decision-making in public health policy, and the structure and function of scientific expert advice to government. His general research interest is in the ways in which evidence is interpreted, evaluated, and translated into regulation and policy in medicine and public health. Among his current research projects is an examination of how policy-makers, regulators, physicians, and patients evaluate and respond to the risks, benefits, and costs of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and other medical technologies.


Research Interests

Health Policy; History of Medicine; Public Health; Risk; Sociology, Medical; Vaccination; Evidence-Based Medicine; Biostatistics

Public Health Interests

Bioethics; Cancer; Community Health; Global Health; Health Policy; History of Medicine and Science; Infectious Diseases; Maternal & Child Health; Vaccines; Health Equity, Disparities, Social Determinants and Justice; Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices; Regulatory Affairs; COVID-19

Selected Publications