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Section of the History of Medicine

The Section of the History of Medicine is a freestanding unit in the Yale University School of Medicine engaged with research and teaching in the history of medicine, the life sciences, and public health. In addition to instruction for medical students, including mentoring M.D. theses, the faculty collaborates with colleagues in the History Department, in the Program in the History of Science and Medicine, which offers graduate programs leading to the M.A., Ph.D., and combined M.D./Ph.D. degrees and an undergraduate major in the History of Science/History of Medicine. The Section contributes to the Program's colloquia, and Distinguished Annual Lectures, workshops, and symposia in medical history. Through research and teaching, the faculty seeks to understand medical ideas, practices, and institutions in their broad social and cultural contexts, and to provide intellectual tools to engage with the challenges faced by contemporary medicine.

Department News

How Indigenous scientists are using biomedical research to seek 'genomic justice'

For decades, non-Indigenous scientists have taken samples from Indigenous people for future studies, often without clear consent. But a new generation of Indigenous scientists is taking biomedical research in a new direction – asking important questions about who controls the research process and the data derived from it. Professor Joanna Radin and HSHM alum Tess Lanzarotta join the discussion about data equity and how Indigenous scientists are using biomedical research to seek 'genomic justice'.

Source: CBC.CA
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