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Vincent Gracco

Assistant Professor Adjunct in the Child Study Center

Contact Information

Vincent Gracco



Prior to joining the Yale Child Study Center, Dr. Gracco was a Senior Research Scientist at Haskins Laboratories from 1987-2023, and Vice President of Scientific Operations from 2015-2023. Prior to Haskins, Dr. Gracco was on the faculty at the McGill University in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Director of the Centre for Research on Brain, Language and Music. Dr Gracco's research focuses on the neuroscience of human communication using multiple neuroimaging modalities and physiological techniques. Current research areas focus on the development and mechanisms of sensorimotor control for spoken language, sensorimotor dysfunctions associated with stuttering and other speech motor disorders, neuroplasticity and sensorimotor learning, bilingualism and the neural changes following cochlear implantation in children.

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