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“Who among us would share?”

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2007 - Spring


Please pass on my thanks to Ariane Kirtley for her article “Water is Life” [Yale Medicine, Winter 2007].

I was especially moved by her account of being invited to share a meal by two women in one of the villages she visited. Despite having had to scavenge for wild zucchini and wild grains during a time of famine, they were eager to share what they had with someone who to them must have seemed unimaginably prosperous.

Who among us would share what we had if we had so little? And who among us will share what we have, since we have so much?

Michelle Sanders, M.D. ’99
West Westford, Mass.

I wanted to congratulate the photographer Ariane Kirtley on the amazing cover photographs she took for the most recent edition of Yale Medicine. Simply amazing.

Kevin M. Johnson, M.D. ’03
St. Louis, Mo.