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To serve this great nation

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2011 - Autumn


I particularly enjoyed the article on Norman Elliott, M.D. ’79 [Yale Medicine, Spring 2011]. He is a distinguished School of Medicine graduate, and it pleases me to be reminded these many years later that I played a small part in his career.

I was an Air Force flight surgeon in the Vietnam War, which is how I first encountered Dr. Elliott. In addition to flying combat in supersonic fighters in that war, I served many years in the Air National Guard in tactical fighters (F-15s). I was fortunate to have had very interesting deployments—from the jungles of South America to the permanent ice of Antarctica (even the South Pole itself). I met many fascinating folks in our military service, but the warmest feeling as I look back is the opportunity I was given to serve this great nation—none of which would have occurred without the medical education I was privileged to have.

Philip Steeves, M.D. ’70
Wenham, Mass.

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