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State-of-the-art imaging for neurovascular disease

Yale Medicine Magazine, 1999 - Winter


One of the nation’s most advanced diagnostic neuroangiography suites for diagnosis and treatment of neurovascular system disease opened recently at Yale-New Haven Hospital. The $2.3 million suite is the only one of its type in the country outside the National Institutes of Health and is considered the most advanced anywhere. It features a Philips biplane imaging system that offers radiologists simultaneous front and side views of vascular images, along with ultrasound and CT scanning. This markedly decreases the time it takes to perform complex examinations and allows performance of life-saving embolization procedures. A table-side module provides on-the-spot processing of results and image analysis. “The combination of all these features in the neuroangiography suite represents the pinnacle of today’s medical imaging technology,” says Barbara Maione, manager of special procedures and intervention services.
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