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Reunion 2014

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2014 - Spring


On the last weekend of May, more than 320 alumni and guests returned to the School of Medicine to reconnect, tour the campus, and observe how the school has changed since they were here as students. Alumni had a chance to meet with current medical students, revisit the Cushing Brain Tumor Registry, and help identify faces in a selection of "mystery" photographs from the Historical Library archives.

This year alumni could also join Irwin Braverman, M.D. ’55, professor emeritus of dermatology, at the Yale Center for British Art, where he led the observation skill building session that he has taught for more than 15 years. The course, which has been replicated in more than 20 medical schools, asks medical students to look for clues in paintings to make medical observations.

On Friday in the Historical Library, Dean Robert J. Alpern, M.D., Ensign Professor of Medicine, welcomed the 50th reunion class into the Samuel D. Kushlan M.D. ’34 Society. Each member of the class received a medallion from the dean as they were inducted into the society that honors the longtime mentor and role model for medical students and colleagues.

Saturday morning began with a talk by Richard Foster, Ph.D. ’66, special advisor to President Peter Salovey for health care innovation. Medical innovations, technological advances, and a changing marketplace are all influencing the delivery of health care, Foster said. He also moderated a panel which discussed health challenges in the city of New Haven and possible solutions to poor nutrition, obesity, and unsafe environments.

Alpern reported on the state of the school, noting that the medical school is well-positioned to meet the challenges of a changing medical, technological, and business environment.

The morning concluded with the Distinguished Alumni Service Awards, which this year went to Carol Amick, M.D. ’59, and Robert Amick, M.D. ’59, and Harry C. Miller Jr., M.D. ’54.

Several classes hosted informal gatherings on the medical school campus on Saturday afternoon, and each class hosted a reunion dinner around town that evening. Reports on these activities, as well as photo galleries and a slideshow, may be found on the Alumni & Friends news website.

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